Fresh Bavarian Pretzel


served with a side of mustard. add qFueso.

Pterodactyl Wings


three chicken drums fries “wing style” tossed in your choice of: buffalo, mango habanero, garlic parmesan, or jamaican jerk

Poutine (seasonal)


fries smothered with fresh mozzarella (curds) and gravy, topped with pork confit

Red, White & Blue Fries


tossed in buffalo sauce, drizzled with ranch and topped with danish blue cheese crumb

Cheesy Fries


fries smothered with hot cheddar sauce and topped with pickled jalapeños ..add chili if you like

Loaded Fries


topped with cheddar & jack, bacon, and sour cream

Fried Pickle Chips


with a side of ranch

Street Tacos


Filled with chicken, pork, or asada. With onions and cilantro

Pulled Pork or Chicken Sliders


two toasted buns filled with pork confit, drizzled with jalapeno bbq sauce, and topped with a fresh pickle

Chicken Quesadilla


mesquite grilled chicken with cheddar & jack cheese with peppers served with salsa and sour cream

Mac & Cheese Nuggets


A dozen battered and deep fried balls with a side of buffalo ranch dressing.

Greek Salad Our Way


A bed of spring mix topped with tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, and feta. drizzled with tzitziki and balsamic vinaigrette. add mesquite grilled chicken.

Side of Fries



Half Pound Philly


stuffed in a hoagie with sautéed onions, bell peppers, and melted swiss

Beer Battered Wild Cod Sand


served in a brioche bun with spring mix, pickles, and a side of tartar sauce and malt vinegar

Fried Chicken Club


topped with three bacon slices, swiss cheese, spring mix, fresh pickles, and ranch

Greek Tacos


two pitas stuffed with ground angus, sautéed with secret greek spices then topped with spring mix, tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, and feta. sauced up with tzitziki and balsamic vinaigrette

Fish & Chips


two wild caught cod fillets beer battered on a pile of fries. served with tartar sauce and malt vinegar

Buffalo Chicken Sand


with pepper jack, spring mix, pickles, AND buffalo ranch sauce


The Fortress


angus patty on a bed of spring mix topped with hot pastrami and melted swiss, then finished with fresh pickles and russian dressing

Bacon Cheddar


bacon & wisconsin cheddar with russian dressing, pickles, and spring mix lettuce

Blue Cheese


danish blue and sautéed onions on a bed of spring mix with Russian dressing and pickles

Mushroom Swiss


fresh swiss and sautéed mushrooms on a bed of spring mix with russian dressing and pickles

Cheesy Burger


melted cheddar & swiss , russian dressing, and pickles.

Plain Jane


spring mix, russian dressing, and pickles

Chipotle Black Bean Burger


topped with caramelized onions spring mix, diced tomato, pickles, and russian dressing










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